Padua College Year 7 & 8 Building, Melbourne (under construction)

Location: Padua College, Mornington Campus, Melbourne
Architects: Baldasso Cortese Melbourne
Builder: Newpol Construction
Façade Installer: Spot On Cladding
Cladding Manufacturer: Tempio, Spain
Cladding Products: Rustikotta Terracotta Shingle System

Padua College, an independent Catholic co-educational secondary institution with a strong reputation, aimed to revolutionize their Mornington Campus with a new multi-disciplinary learning centre. They turned to Baldasso Cortese Melbourne for the architectural blueprint and Newpol Construction for the actual build, while Spot On Cladding was chosen for the façade installation.

DCA’s Contribution: A Cladding Like No Other

When it came to choosing the right cladding for this ambitious project, Tempio Spain’s Rustikotta Terracotta Shingle System, supplied by DCA Façade, became the go-to option. Known for its durability and aesthetic appeal, the Rustikotta product provided the perfect material to bring the architects’ vision to life. The Antique Grey (RKEK-1023) shingle system, with each shingle precisely sized at 225mm x 400mm, contributed to the building’s innovative, sweeping monolithic curved façade.

The result is going to be nothing short of spectacular: a cutting-edge learning centre that combines tradition and modernity. The Rustikotta Terracotta Shingles supplied by DCA Façade not only meet but exceed the aesthetic and functional requirements of the project. The terracotta lends the building an air of timelessness, while the advanced design positions it firmly in the 21st century.

The Power of the Right Material

The currently under construction Year 7 & 8 building will be an inspiring environment for the students at Padua College. The cladding system will not only add aesthetic value but also contribute to the building’s overall functionality, durability and thermal performance.

Padua College Facade – Rustikotta Terracotta Shingle System
Tempio Rustikotta shingle system

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