Rieder GRC Concrete Skin
Façade System

Introducing Rieder GRC Concrete Skin Ventilated Facade Systems: a revolution in architectural design that combines style, innovation, and eco-consciousness. 

Crafted by renowned Austrian manufacturer Rieder, these versatile panels and Formparts come in an impressive array of colors and textures, all at a mere 13mm thickness. 

Empower your creativity with lightweight, durable, and bespoke facades that transform your projects into stunning masterpieces.

Our Rieder Concrete Skin is a remarkable fusion of Glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC) technology, boasting a lightweight 13mm profile that doesn’t compromise on strength or aesthetics. This innovative façade solution provides environmentally-conscious options for designers, architects, engineers, and end-users alike.

Experience the cutting edge of construction with Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC), a game-changing material that’s making a substantial impact on the industry’s economics, technology, and visual appeal worldwide. With its minimal energy and raw material consumption, Rieder GRC Concrete Skin Façade System is not only environmentally friendly but also exceptionally versatile.

Embrace the future of construction with a material that effortlessly adapts to your performance, appearance, and cost requirements. Let Rieder GRC Concrete Skin Façade Systems be your trusted partner in creating designs that are as sustainable as they are captivating. Experience the unparalleled freedom to bring your architectural visions to life, today.


Concrete skin


Project-specific cutting available
Panel thickness 13 mm
3 standard formats

Concrete skin


Width: 1310 – 1510 mm
Length: up to 5000 mm
Various textures available


Discover a captivating palette of hues with Rieder GRC Concrete Skin’s exquisite range of Colours and Surfaces. Our authentic shades harmoniously blend with the natural landscape, creating a seamless connection between your design and the surrounding environment. Embrace the intentional colour variations within each tone, which amplify the dynamic character of this remarkable building material – concrete.

Experience the ultimate customization with each colour available in multiple distinctive surface treatments, offering you the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. Unlock the full potential of Rieder GRC Concrete Skin and elevate your architectural projects with a vibrant fusion of colours and textures that capture the essence of nature and innovation.

Colour Collections






The authentic colours blend well into landscapes and correspond with nature and the environment. Colour variations within a colour tone are intended and enhance the liveliness of the building material, concrete.

Each colour is available in three surfaces.


Add liveliness and depth to any facade. The various structures create an exciting interplay of light and shadow.

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lumber is based on an authentic natural look. A homogeneous wood grain lends the building envelope a strong depth effect. Similar to wood, the facade panels have a multi-layered effect, but unlike wood, they do not require additional weather protection.

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The appearance of the new slate texture is based on slate slabs and their natural layers. A unique light refraction occurs at the edges of the rock layers, causing them to stand out to varying degrees depending on the angle the light hits. Since light conditions change over the course of the day, the facade with this texture has a different appearance depending on the time of day.

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Irregular lines playfully run across the slabs like ribbons. The combination of straight and angled, partially overlapping lines of different sizes creates an exciting visual effect on the facade. The flow of the lines harmoniously integrates into the overall picture.

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The natural imperfection and visual irregularity of the vintage panels give the facade a unique appearance and above all individuality, since no slab is like any other.

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luce silver

The addition of mica gives the facade a glittering, shimmering appearance. Depending on how the sunlight falls, the particles reflect in different ways and create unique effects. This is definitely the texture for individual highlights.

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terrazzo black

The coarse, dark grain gives this slab a individual look. A special surface treatment lends the texture a unique speckled appearance, which forms an exciting contrast especially with light colours. terrazzo black gives the facade a discreet two-tone effect.

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glossy (Interior)

The exquisite texture is an interior highlight and an elegant eye-catcher. The shiny surface reflects the light and creates a new space effect. The slabs have a different look depending on how the light falls. This texture particularly emphasises the vivid surface characteristic of concrete with its interplay of colour shades and cloud effects. The natural appearance of the material changes over time, giving each panel a unique look.

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Accentuated lines in three different finishes ferro soft, ferro light and ferro create a lively relief and set exciting highlights on every facade.

Effortlessly Conforming to Corners and Edges

Experience the remarkable flexibility of concrete skin, effortlessly conforming to corners and edges with seamless precision. Our tailor-made curved elements are available as single pieces, offering you a diverse selection of round arches, corners, or U-cross sections. Achieve fluid transitions and create monolithic facades with uninterrupted joints for a truly stunning visual effect.

Efficiently realize your architectural vision by combining large-format panels with form-parts, providing an economical solution for the entire building envelope. Embrace the fusion of adaptability and elegance with Rieder GRC Concrete Skin – the ultimate choice for modern, inspired facades.

Architectural Perforated Panels

Introducing Perforated Panels, a practical and visually appealing solution for your architectural needs. These glass-fibre reinforced concrete panels are designed with small gaps, offering a partial view of the surroundings while maintaining the benefits of façade. The result is a functional balance between transparency and privacy.

As light interacts with the perforations, it creates an interesting play of light and shadow in the adjacent spaces. These versatile panels can be employed in various applications, including as partitions, sun protection, or design elements. Opt for Rieder GRC Perforated Panels to add a unique and functional touch to your projects while maintaining a focus on performance and aesthetic appeal.



With its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, Rieder sets high standards for environmental protection. The environmental product declaration EPD give precise indicators for lifecycle assessments. 

Reusable Material

Rieder’s aim is to reduce or avoid pre- and post-consumer waste by replacing raw material with recycled glassfibre reinforced concrete and by reusing offcuts. 


Only a small amount of primary energy is consumed during the production of glassfibre reinforced concrete, in turn resulting in a low CO2 load and a minimal greenhouse effect.

GRC Façade Projects

Frankston Line, South East Melbourne​

Rieder Concrete Skin GRC Façade System

In 2022, the Edithvale, Chelsea, and Bonbeach stations were successfully opened to the public. These newly developed railway stations, masterfully designed by Cox Architects, showcase an impressive integration of modern technology, improved accessibility, enhanced mobility, and an aesthetically appealing design.

333 George Street, Sydney

Rieder Concrete Skin GRC Façade System

At one of the most prominent corners of the Sydney CBD is prime office space in a brand-new addition to the skyline.

WeWork 333 George Street provides five floors of coworking space, private offices, conference rooms, and event space in a hyper-modern, A-grade, glass building.

Surrounded by Australia’s largest organisations, this Grimshaw/Crone Partners collaboration required a close match in materialisation for the traditional Sydney sandstone.

Reider concrete skin was selected for its durability, non-combustibility and raw characteristics.

Anu Kambri Campus, Canberra

Rieder Concrete Skin GRC Façade System

A $260 million redevelopment at the Australian National University (ANU) and the new meeting place for the Canberra and university community. The BVN Sydney designed campus housing 5 new buildings set on a tree lined promenade containing a range of new retail and service outlets.

Reider Concrete Skin was selected to clad 3 of the 5 new buildings in this project

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