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Façade Systems

The Tempio terracotta tile rainscreen/ventilated facade system offers a wide variety of aesthetic qualities for building facades. The numerous advantages include improved thermal and acoustic properties, extended warranty periods, low embodied energy ratings, ease of installation, non-combustible fire rating and sustainable production processes.

Ventilated or Rainscreen Facade systems are now the external wall construction systems of choice for architects, facade engineers, builders, facade contractors and developers alike.
This evolution in facade technologies ensures quality of outcome from not just an aesthetic point of view but in terms of non-combustibility, thermal and acoustic insulation and most importantly ongoing weather-tightness for the life of the building.

A Ventilated Facade system consists of:

  • A waterproof/vapour permeable Rigid Air Barrier (RAB board) or frame wrap to the outside of the frame to form the back pan of the cavity.
  • Insulation
  • Installation of the façade substrate, typically manufactured in aluminium
  • Installation of an open façade system that allows moisture to penetrate the façade whilst at the same time allowing fast an efficient drying of the internal cavity area.

Tempio Rainscreen FK System

This system has open vertical and overlapping horizontal joints. Composed of brackets, vertical T profile, horizontal rails and metallic springs which have an anti-rattling function.

When installing it, the facade contractor will constantly be checking levels and the plane of the facade. The contractor will install the aluminium substructure to the frame of precast concrete substrate.

Open joints improve the ventilation of the facade.The main advantages of this facade system is that it is relatively easy install at approximately 28kg/m2. This makes it a light, cost-efficient and reliable system.

All Tempio Tiles can be customised to your preferred design/shape by producing custom terracotta extrusion dyes reflecting true flexibility of design.

Tempio FK Profiles and Colours

Tempio Rainscreen FS System

The Tempio FS System is an innovative system of vertical and horizontal overlapping joints that limit water penetration into the ventilated cavity at the rear. As the FS tiles are thicker than the FK tiles, the FS tiles offer greater impact resistance and superior wind load resistance at height.

All tiles in the Tempio range are quite simple to replace if they are ever assessed as being beyond repair. It’s placing, with a wider perpend, fairly marks the horizontality of the pieces. 

All Tempio Tiles can be customised to your preferred design/shape by producing custom terracotta extrusion dyes reflecting true flexibility of design.

Tempio FS Profiles and Colours

Tempio High Profile Pieces

All the Tempio high profile tiles were custom produced for individual projects and are available now as a standard tile as the custom dies have been retained by Tempio.

These tiles were developed (along with the associated custom fixing systems) in collaboration with project architects, DCA Facade Systems and the Technical Team at Tempio.

All Tempio Tiles can be customised to your preferred design/shape by producing custom terracotta extrusion dyes reflecting true flexibility of design.

Tempio High Profile – Profiles and Colours

Tempio Terracotta Tile Facade Projects

New Zealand International Convention Center (NZICC)

Tempio Terracotta Tile Façade System

The NZICC, or New Zealand International Convention Center, is a spacious venue designed to accommodate various conventions and events.
Within this remarkable building, two of its facades stand as magnificent public art installations. One facade features a stunning glass design spanning an impressive 2,400 square meters, while the other boasts a captivating ceramic design covering an expansive 3,360 square meters.

UNSW Bio Science Project

Tempio Terracotta Tile Façade System

Woods Bagot Director and Global Health and Science Sector Leader Georgia Singleton said the significance of the work carried out within the walls of the building provided the conceptual inspiration for the façade design.

The building’s external, predominantly solid facade provides a protective layer akin to an animal’s skin, linking to the building’s purpose as a research space for the natural environment.

Featuring a series of external shroud-like elements that adapt and change as the facade wraps the building, the design has produced an organic aesthetic that is distinctive to the Biomedical Precinct. Inspired by the natural environment, the design references the movements of a butterfly. The facade utilised a mix of Mayor Tempio bespoke sun shades and standard tile.

Monarch Apartments, Sydney​

Tempio Terracotta Tile Façade System

Installed by Ridgemont in Sydney this Batesmart designed block of high end apartments in Mossman Sydney utilises the Mayor Tempio FK 16 grooved tiles and baguettes.

Selected for its natural look it fits seamlessly amongst the neighbouring brick properties in this historic suburb of Sydney.

Tempio Ventilated/Rainscreen Facade Systems

Tempio are a leading company in the production of design ceramic material for outdoor building solutions, such as the manufacture of ventilated facades and their rehabilitation. Tempio provide a varied portfolio of quality façade products including the following:

  • FS System
  • FK System
  • High Profile
  • Rustikotta
  • Listelo+
  • Baguettes

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