ItalMesh Expanded Metal Mesh Façade
& Faux Ceilings

ItalMesh expanded metal mesh façade & faux ceiling products offer a variety of solutions and can cover large surface areas. The material is easy to assemble, light-weight and extremely flexible. It is guaranteed to bring a wow factor with a variety of innovative architectural solutions.

The expanded metal mesh and sheet can be used not only for façades or false ceilings but also to separate and decorate whatever environment.

Our products are able to cover big surfaces with a material easy to assemble, light, economic and extremely flexible to guarantee innovative architectural solutions.

The material used is 100% recyclable.

The colour is not just a simple coating but it’s designed to offer special aesthetic effects making any project more valuable. Besides having all the colours of the RAL colour chart, Italmesh also offers customised and unique colours with innovative effects. The powder coatings applied are high resistant and non-toxic.

Italmesh is always searching for new products, designs and colours and maintains its own research and development department.


Multiple sizes are available.

Expanded Mesh Range


Stretched Mesh in Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel and Copper

ItalMesh products adhere to the highest European Standards and are available in a variety of materials, including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, and other alloys. Material thicknesses can be tailored to meet specific technical requirements and customer preferences. ItalMesh takes pride in the unparalleled quality and sophistication of Made In Italy products. This unique blend of elegance and efficiency has driven the company to maintain all production stages within Italy and utilize Italian-sourced, 100% recycled materials. Experience the distinction and value that ItalMesh delivers in every creation.


Strict Pre-Treatment, Highest Quality and Resistance

ItalMesh finishes are meticulously crafted to serve dual purposes: delivering eye-catching aesthetic effects that enhance each project and providing a protective coating that ensures high resistance to even the most severe weather conditions. At ItalMesh’s facility, cutting-edge painting systems are employed, featuring anthropomorphic robots, automatic color change capabilities, and constant process control. Experience the perfect blend of beauty and durability with ItalMesh’s exceptional finishes.

Powder Coating

ItalMesh is able to quickly provide various customized colour solutions and guarantee durability and uniqueness at the same time. The powder coating is composed of thermosetting resins with the addition of pigments that give it colour: all paints are completely non-toxic, with high resistance to UV rays and corrosion, customizable according to the customer.


ItalMesh also offers the possibility of having anodized panels.

The electrochemical treatment of metal surfaces can be carried out for different purposes: to improve corrosion resistance; improve resistance to wear and abrasion; effectively apply the powder coating; and obtain a low thickness in the painting.


Responding to market demands, ItalMesh has developed and patented a new green product, Zero Gravity Eden to support sustainable architecture. Expanded metal meshes are transformed into a real vertical garden.These are green walls designed to cover buildings with the objectives of optimizing energy performance, improving their aesthetics and reducing CO2.
The product includes an automatic irrigation system connected to the nearest weather station via a WIFI control unit that allows self-regulation of the supply of water and fertilizers. The team of agronomists and landscape architects supports the customer in choosing the best plants and seeds for the realization based on the location of the project.
In collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, Zero Gravity Eden panels were installed inside the University Center to test the benefits of the environmental impact of the Green Walls in a metropolitan city like that of Milan.

ItalMesh Façade Projects​

Cantarelli, Italy

Bespoke Powder Coated ItalMesh

Cladding of the warehouse and office building of a company dedicated to the storage and aging of Parmigiano Reggiano in Felino, in the province of Parma.

The architect was inspired by the history and tradition of the geographical area, in fact the coating, made with the Siena300R model mesh, recalls the shape of the cheese that the company processes.

The panels have been entirely profiled, calendered and press-folded with a particular processing in order to obtain the desired result. The color of the untreated forms of Parmigiano Reggiano is black, and to  maintain a link with tradition it was decided to use the matt black RAL 9005.

Techno Hub, Dubai

ItalMesh Metal Mesh Façade System

The first project of smart city wanted by the strategic management of the government of Dubai. It includes offices, residences, commercial areas, sports and leisure areas.

The buildings are constituted by a double façade, the outdoor one of which uses the metal sheet mesh as a shading, assembled on a framework, Grey colour RAL 9006. The Metal mesh, framed, keeps the interchange between indoor and outdoor of the building, in order to control the incidence of sunlight

Guarni & Med, Italy

ItalMesh Metal Mesh Façade System

Cladding of an industrial complex in the province of Bergamo for which 700 panels of ItalMesh model Siena 150 expanded mesh, powder coated Metalized Bronze and 50 modules of Zero Gravity Eden vertical garden were used.

The façade, in addition to having a strong aesthetic impact, thanks to the installation of vertical garden panels, has become 100% sustainable.

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