Yarrila Place - Coffs Harbour

Location: Yarrila Place, 27 Gordon Street, Coffs Harbour
Architects: BVN
Builder: Lipman
Façade Installer: Façade Innovations
Cladding Manufacturer: Tempio, Spain
Cladding Products: FS System and High Profile

A Cultural and Civic Hub Transformed

At DCA Facade, we are proud to have been a part of the remarkable transformation of Yarrila Place, a dynamic cultural and civic space in the heart of Coffs Harbour, NSW. This project, designed by BVN and constructed by Lipman, aimed to rejuvenate the Harry Bailey Memorial Library into a vibrant community hub, aligning it with the evolving role of Coffs Harbour as a regional city and tourist destination.

The Transformation:

The facade of Yarrila Place played a pivotal role in achieving this vision. We worked with BVN Architects to bring this transformation to life, utilising Tempio’s cutting-edge façade products, the FS System, and High Profile. Here’s how our façade solutions contributed to this remarkable project:

Curtain Wall: Our precision-engineered curtain wall system not only adds an aesthetic appeal to the structure but also maximizes natural light penetration, creating an inviting and energy-efficient interior.

Terracotta Tiles: The inclusion of terracotta tiles adds warmth and character to the exterior, blending harmoniously with the natural surroundings and giving Yarrila Place a distinctive charm.

The Result:

The result of this collaboration is a vibrant, modern, and sustainable cultural and civic space that encapsulates the essence of Coffs Harbour. Yarrila Place seamlessly integrates history, art, technology, and community, welcoming all to explore its treasures. 


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